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Welcome to Team Blue Immersion FX.

We are proud to offer some of the most progressive and professional diving courses in the world. We guarantee that you will get diver training following the latest techniques, use of the most updated materials and being taught by some of the most experienced diving educators in the world. We also promise that you will have a lot of fun during your courses!

Team Blue Immersion offer the highest quality training with technical diving packages that are very competitive. We include more training, more time with the students, more tips and hints from the field than required by all diving organizations.

We love filming and technical diving and promise to share that passion with you during the training. We strive for the highest quality training in all aspects of your development as a diver regardless of level.

All below prices includes training in a group with max 2 students including our filming and Tech Training. The prices include equipment rental for student level courses. Not included in the course fee: Materials and certification fee. Gases (Helium, Air, 100% o2, Nitrox) Gas cost (Helium, Air, 100%02, Nitrox).

During a technical course, the cost for the instructors gasses (Helium, Nitrox, 100% o2, Air) is divided, cost price, by the amount of students taking the course. Our courses are performance based and we add training at no cost if needed to make sure all students master the course objectives. 2 courses booked: 10% discount 3 courses booked: 12% discount 4 or more courses booked 15% discount Please email us for more details about special offers available.

We are proud to being able to offer you these packages. Our Technical Diver and Video Internship Programs are unique and got, not only in our opinion, the best value in the diving industry. All courses are conducted in Dahab, Red Sea, the technical diving mecca of the world. Some of the courses included in the Internship are exclusively taught at Team Blue Immersion, like the TBI FX PADI TecRec Technichal Underwater Videographer and the PADI TecRec Technichal Rescue course.

During the internship you become a part of our team and will learn all aspects about technical diving including knowledge and skills for filming dives safely to 90 meters, build up experience in the role as support and safety diver, learn how to fill tanks with any mix including trimix, maintaining and service equipment, how to run a technical dive shop, how to dive with both sidemount, backmount and much more. If you pick the Instructor Internship option you also learn how to teach others to do all of the above.

As a part of the team you spend hours with us day and night discussing and preparing technical dives. You are going to have more knowledge after these months than the majority of even the most experienced technical divers. You become a part of a group on technical divers and instructors who push the industry further in terms of dive planning, equipment configurations and exploration.

You will never look at diving in the same way again. Your diving ability in terms of buoyancy, trim, and propulsion no matter how experienced you are is going improve to levels that you did not know existed.

If you don’t have time to complete the internship in one visit, then you can split it up over 18 months at no extra cost.

We had PADI Course Directors and Instructor Trainers from other diving organizations who completely changed the way they dived after taking courses with us. It’s an exciting, fun and very rewarding journey your about to start!

Just one small thing before you continue to read. Technical Diving is very addictive. You been warned.

Technical Diving and Video Internship Programs 2012

If you already are certified for one of more of the courses included in the packages please contact us and we will see if you are entitled to a discount on the package prices.

Accommodation can be arranged from Euro100 per month.


Platinum Technical Underwater Videographer Diver Internship

Pre-requisite: PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent

Courses included:

TecRec 40-45-50 Diver
Trimix 65-90 Diver
TDI Advanced Trimix Diver
TecRec Technical Underwater Videographer
TecRec Technical Rescue Diver
PADI Sidemount Diver
PADI Cavern Diver
PADI Gas Blender
TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver
PADI Equipment Course and Video Equipment Maintenance
PADI Enriched Air Diver
PADI Deep Specialty Diver

The internship is around 3 months.
Normal price: Euro 7500

Package price: Euro 6000

PADI CCR Rebreather Diver
PADI CCR Rebreather Advanced Diver

Normal price: Euro800
Add: Euro600

Duration: add 9-10 days

for a customized package that suits you please contact

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