Video Courses/Internship

Other than taking someone diving, there’s only one way to show someone the sounds, motion and dynamics of the underwater world: video.

The PADI Underwater Videographer Course

The Fun Part
Show your scuba vacation adventures to your friends and family. Use your editing skills to share your clips with the world through YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more. Use your underwater videos to turn more of your friends into dive buddies.

What You Learn
The PADI Underwater Videographer Specialty course shows you the basic skills on how to create videos that are interesting, entertaining and worth watching again and again.


Selecting, maintaining and caring for your own underwater video equipment

Videography fundamentals, such as
· exposure
· focus
· shot types
· moves
· story line
· shot sequencing.

The post-dive editing process where you take your raw footage and create an underwater masterpiece.
By the time you complete the course, you’ll have gone through the entire basic video production process.

TBI FX PADI TecRec Technichal Underwater Videographer Internship

This course is special to Team Blue Immersion.

The student will live and breathe video with us at TBI FX learning all aspects of a video production, along with learning how to film on Sidemount, TEC Backmount and CCR.

There is a gap in the industry, where the formal training available for underwater videographer’s is done on recreational level, wearing a singel tank and filming tourist UW videos for customers doing their diving course at the resort connected to the production company.

People aspiring to become industry professionals however, are going to need further qualifications regarding their dive skills and risk management before being qualified to work for a production company.

At TBI FX we make sure we train your first to be a safe diver, and then we develop your skills in filming and post production to the point that you are able to make your own production.

Course duration is about a month, depending on you want to film on twinsets, sidemount or rebreather. Maximum number of students doing a course is limited to 2 people, ensuring personalized tutoring throughout your stay.

Come join us at Team Blue Immersion and learn how to film underwater, at depths up to 90m!

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