Deep Underwater Video Production Dahab, Egypt
Team Blue Immersion FX consists of professional UW Videographers Aron Daniel Arngrimsson, Jonas Samuelsson and Erik Brown. All are experienced divers and professional videographers with 1000′s of hours of underwater filming behind them. Team Blue Immersion FX offers underwater and film production to 125 meters with professional editing in-house.

We are catering towards technical divers taking deep diving records beyond 100 meters, freediving competitions, commercials, filming related to commercial diving, wreck explorations and more. If you have something to be filmed, then we have the solution. We can organize all the logistics for the prodcution – making it easier for you by dealing only with one partner. We also offer UW Video courses tailored to your experience as a recreational or full trimix diver.


Team Blue Immersion 1 Year Anniversary Video

Hollis Gear SMS 50 Commercial

SSI Freediving Commercial

Team Blue Immersion FX on Expedition Iceland 2011

Team Blue Immersion FX Dahab 2011